Are you wondering which antivirus software offers the best protection and performance these days? In this article, we’ll show you five top ranking antivirus brands whose free antivirus programs offer exceptional antimalware security without impacting your system performance. After hours of research and examination, we have picked out five free antivirus software that you can consider this year. If you want to be safe online. Plus, we will show you the best premium antivirus products that are worthwhile and offer exceptional value for money.

So stay tuned. Do you have any idea about the way that oftentimes noxious programmers assault our information and Privacy like clockwork? According to reliable estimates, cybercrimes are expected to cost the world around $6 trillion annually by 2021. Shocking right. During last year, more than 10 billion malware assaults were recorded worldwide and north of 8 million gadgets were contaminated with malware in the US alone.

And these numbers are projected to grow even bigger in the future. So it’s clear that if you want to protect data and Privacy of yourself and those you love, you need an excellent antivirus software. And by excellence we mean a premium software that offers flawless antimalware protection without putting a burden on systems, not a flimsy freeware that doesn’t stand a chance against modern, ever evolving malware threats. Also, all cybersecurity companies reserve their best security features and utilities for their premium products, so we highly recommend a premium antivirus software if you can afford it. Premium products come fully packed with state of the arts features and cutting edge malware detection technologies to protect against all sorts of existing and emerging malware threats.

Also, additional features like file shredder, password manager, parental controls, encryption tool, VPN further improve your security and add more value for just a few Bucks a month. You can protect all the Internet capable devices in your household and get complete peace of mind. Check out the links in the video description for our Number one premium antivirus recommendation for this year. Now talk about the best free antivirus software out there. We have ranked these free antivirus products on four different criteria.

Number one is features

where we review the features offered by each free software.

Number two is malware protection.

This is an assessment of how well these programs will protect you against different types of malware threats.

Number three is system performance.

Here we measure how much impact a security program puts on system performance.

We will review the latest independent lab tests conducted by the AV Test Institute to see how these software stack up in terms of malware protection and system performance. Av Test is an independent and prestigious testing organization trusted for its reviews of cybersecurity products. The organization evaluates and rates antivirus software in three different categories, protection, performance, and usability. The final thing we consider is user interface. Here we see the user friendliness of a Software’s interface.

Do leave a comment down below. Now let’s get on with our list at number five we have Avera. Free Antivirus Avera is a German multinational computer security software company. Avera was founded in 2006. As of today, the company has over 30 years of It security experience.

Under its belt, average actively sells itself as being private by design, which means all of your information is secure and isn’t sold out to third parties, not even governments. Avera is a pioneer in the freemium business model and offers cloudbased malware detection and analysis. That means the actual action doesn’t take place on your computer. Moreover, the detection methods are well hidden from hackers, as all the activity occurs on the company’s servers. That gives Avera an edge over the hackers.

The company’s Freeware Avira Free Antivirus offers Spyware Adware and basic ransomware protection as well. The free software is compatible with Windows, Mac, OS, Android and iOS platforms. Another advantage to Cloud approach is in Avira being able to acquire minimal resources on your system. In fact, Avira supports one of the lightest engines of all the major antivirus products. This makes it an excellent choice even for older sluggish machines.

Having said that the Freeware does annoy you to upgrade to a premium version in the AV test evaluations, Avera secured a perfect six out of six points for malware protection.

And a near perfect five five out of six points for system performance. The freeware’s interface consists of a pretty simple and straightforward design. A lefthand side panel contains access tabs for scan modules, quarantine, and activity. Also find the Cog icon for settings, and the feedback tab at the bottom of this panel. The other side of the screen displays your system security status, a quick scan button, and a few big icons like real time protection and ransomware protection.

You’ll also find a couple of locked icons to let you know what more you can have if you upgrade to the paid product. In our opinion, Avira Free Antivirus does provide solid protection against malware. It’s also extremely lightweight in terms of digital footprint. Avera is a good choice as long as you’re not mad about advanced features, which you can only get with the premium tiers. If you’re interested in the premium tiers offered by the company, check out the links in the video description.

The fourth position goes to Avg. Antivirus Free Avg Technologies is a subsidiary of a vast it was founded in. The company develops a wide range of protection, performance, and Privacy solutions for consumers and businesses. Avg typically offers Freeware as its main product and earns most of its revenue through users that upgrade to premium tiers. It covers Windows, Mac OS and Android devices.

The free software offers robust malware detection and removal capabilities, including spyware and other malware types, but it is particularly effective against malicious websites and downloads, as well as phishing scams. As soon as the software detects suspicious activity, it feeds this data back to Avg database at the database. This intelligence is shared with millions of other feeds and check for similar suspicious patterns. Avg Antivirus Free comes with a secure browser that helps block ads, tracking attempts from hackers and dangerous URLs or email attachments. Additionally, the secure browser also redirects you from unsecured sites to secure connections.

It also offers scans for PC performance issues. The software is reasonably light on your system and occupies very little space on your system. The AV Test Institute gave Avg an excellent six out of six score for malware protection. The program received a slightly less but still commendable rating in system performance, with 5.5 out of six points moving on to AVG’s interface, we can see that it’s a straightforward layout with different feature icons occupying the better part of the screen. Avg, make sure you know what you’re missing out on with basic level protection, as it also displays a few locked icons on the main dashboard.

To us that might seem like a waste of space, but the company has its reasons you can view both overall and web and email security status on the main dashboard. You can run a quick scan by clicking on the Scan computer button at the bottom of the screen. The big positive about Avg free software is that it combines both trusted antivirus and anti phishing features into its Freeware. Although, if you require protection against ransomware, Webcam frauds or mobile protections, you’ll have to upgrade to paid tiers. You can find out about AVG’s Premium offers by clicking the links in the video description.

Number three is Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company with a comprehensive security portfolio. The company began its operations in 1997 and leads an endpoint protection and deep threat intelligence. Kaspersky has continually contributed innovative and specialized security solutions to the digital landscape. The company offers Kaspersky Security Cloud Free that includes its top rated antivirus technology, auto analysis, real time data, and the fastest scanning engines around the program receives regular automatic updates.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices. You also get protection against corrupt files and applications as well as suspicious sites. The software also secures and stores your passwords and private documents while you’re on the Internet, Kaspersky automatically installs a toolbar to Mark dangerous links in the search results. This toolbar works with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The cloud technology means that the program uses minimum resources on your device and doesn’t affect the system’s speed.

In the recent AV test evaluations, Kasperski scored an excellent six out of six score on both protection and performance tests. As for its user interface, Kasperski has a simple and intuitive layout. All the available features show on the home screen, even some locked ones. The security status shows on the top of the screen. At the bottom, you’ll find a button labeled More tools to access more features.

It’s a pretty neat offering for basic level protection. However, for features like password management, Privacy protection, safe money, and home Wi-Fi monitoring, you’ll have to get paid subscription. If you want to know what’s included in Kaspersky’s Premium offerings, check out the links in the description section of this link.

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