It’s no secret that the United States is in debt. So why not just print more money? The answer to this question is complicated, but one thing is certain – inflation will only make things worse. The solution, though tricky, could be the introduction of a new currency. A cash for patriots program would allow citizens to trade in their old bills for newly printed ones. This would encourage spending and help create jobs while also putting some cash back into circulation. It may sound like a crazy idea, but here are some reasons why it might work.


Review of the Cash for Patriots Program – Overview and Rankings

  • Name: The Cash for Patriots Program
  • Owner: Zach Scheidt (5 of 100). Agora Financial (1 of 100).
  • Support: 5 of 100
  • Training: 35 of 100
  • Success Stories: 10 of 100
  • Price: $49-$89 per year (Excluding the additional money required to invest …)

Both the pros and cons


  • This strategy is money-making and has been used by people successfully
  • Accessible to people of all income levels and ages


  • False information
  • To invest in dividend-paying stock companies, you will need more money
  • You get what you pay for
  • You are bombarded with information, making it difficult to decide what to do.
  • You are pressured to act quickly
  • Poor support

That is the Cash Money for Patriots Program for

Any kind of American patriot who would love to get a check for approximately $7,980. It’s feasible to receive 24 checks similar to this yearly!

  • Any age is possible (over 17).
  • You don’t have to be employed, or make a certain amount of income.


You will see if this review is true when you read it.

What is the Cash for Patriots Program and how does it work?

The program suggests that you can receive checks every month just for being an American patriot.

You don’t need to sign up for a government list to watch Game of Thrones reruns and drink beer. Then wait for the magic checks to arrive in your mailbox.

“But how is this possible?” You scream.

Here’s the theory.

Donald Trump’s Tax Reform Will Allow American Patriots to Get $2.6 Trillion

Hidden among all the insane things that is going on in the media is this little gem that Donald is using his “Trump” card (see what I did there?!)

This tax reform is so amazing that it will allow for trillions of dollars (with a “T”)! To US citizens…

Oder will it?
Continue reading to find out who benefits from the tax reform and what program actually does.

You should also remember that there are many programs that offer similar opportunities. These are the top-rated ones:

Is the Cash for Patriots Program real?

Erm no…

At least, not according to Zach.

It will help you to plan your investment strategy in companies that pay dividends. (Scroll down to “my last opinion” to learn more …)

Zach Scheidt will suggest that you invest in the company profits that appear in your monthly checks.

Basically, you will be investing in the stock market and looking for companies that pay good dividends.

9 Red Flags that suggest the Cash for Profits program is a scam (plus a bonus one!)

So right here are the 9 warnings that can help you to decipher what this mysterious program in fact does:

#1 – Dodgey Video

The video at the top of this page will make you want to click it.

Zach rambles on for over an hour!

He manages to keep us from ever knowing what we will have to do. He says the same thing about tax reform as Trump did to release $2.6 trillion.


There are many examples of people collecting “up to 24 checks per year”, which can amount to as much as $7,980 each month.

That bit sure has you intrigued, doesn’t eh?

#2 – Enrollment in the Cash for Patriots Program: Access for All

Hey guys… anyone can access it!

It doesn’t matter how old or how rich you are.

Are these sounds too good to be true?!

If it does, then remember amigo… It probably is!

Check out “8 Ways to Find an Internet Marketing Fraud” to see the other indications.

# 3 – The 2.6 Trillion from the private sector for Americans.

So you may have heard some of these false rumours regarding Donald Trump claiming that “deserving Americans will certainly obtain $612 stimulation”.

This program does not relate to “deserving American” being given a “stimulus package”.

It has to do with holding shares in companies, as you will see.

Agora Financial still uses quotes from the New York Times, but this does not stop them…

“This is a windfall in cash”

“Enormous hoards of cash stashed”


It’s a pot full of gold

These quotes do not relate to the “cash-for-Patriots” program. Actually…

#3 – The “Cash for Patriots Program” isn’t even a real thing

FYI Donald Trump (or anyone in the US government) never named an initiative called “Cash for Patriots Program”.

It’s just an unusual name Agora Financial created to get you to want to purchase Zach’s “Lifetime Income Report”.

What is the lifetime income report on this subject?

Ah, thank you so much for asking…

#4 – Lifetime income report

So Zach goes on about all the great things you will get from the “lifetime income report”.

  • His book
  • Three e-books with detailed information (one on the Cash for Patriots)
  • One year subscription to his monthly newsletter
  • Email alerts
  • Contact Agora Financial Support directly

You will be getting his book and the ebooks when you break it down. It sounds like you are getting more stuff for nothing.

To start, there is a huge number at the top of your screen when you go to make payment… everyone has direct access to Agora Financials support staff!

You might be wondering if Zach’s book reached number one on Amazon. If so, it is well worth the $49-$99 per year cost.

7 reviews indicate it isn’t the great book it claims to be. (Just remember that everyone has a few friends and a Mum who can leave 5-star reviews…just read the “top positive Cash for Patriots Program Review “…, it’s nothing about the book and definitely not #1 on Amazon!)

The main thing is what the Lifetime Income Report will teach you…

Zach’s report will help you cash in on the idea that Donald Trump’s tax reforms will result in companies paying you a higher dividend.

Simply put…The tax reforms mentioned will allow companies to bring back money into the USA.Due to tax benefits, many large businesses keep their money offshore.

The theory is…

Higher profits = higher dividends = money back in the US

You will need stocks and shares in certain companies, which Zach speculates on. Guessing will work well!

In general,To receive dividend payments, you will require additional money to invest in stock markets

They may have been sent in a check, but that’s not the way it sounds.

(Find out more information about dividend payments below …)

#5 – There is Pressure to Buy Now!

When you saw the video did you observe the different top quality of the sound whenever Zach stated “April 4th”?

You can tell it was an after recording that was added in at a later date.

This is because the date may change depending on the time you visit the site. It could be a few days, or even weeks, ahead of where you are.

Did you notice the big juicy timer at top as you were about to pay? Spoiler alert: if the time runs out, just click the link again to start it again. )…

You also get a big red text advising you that you have until April 4, 2005 to take action.

This clever marketing strategy is effective if you think, “Well, I better act fast!”

#6 – Perceived Value Added

This is again another sound sales tactic that works on human nature.

There are three options when you visit the check-out.


The platinum package is right in the middle, is ahead of all the other packages and offers the “best value”. You get 1 extra “special platinum report”, which doesn’t tell you anything about the subject matter… it could be all about dogs! It is actually less expensive than the Gold Option.

This is a simple decision Billy Bob. Get this option now, before it’s too late!

Or should you?

It doesn’t mean that the program is a fraud, but it does not make it a good idea to be open and honest about what you are actually paying for.

#7 – Non-existent Press Release

Do you remember that very long video?

In the mix of the hour-long ramblings was a claim that the “Cash for Patriots Program” was also officially announced in a press release issued by Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation on September 29, 2016.

It doesn’t even exist, so let’s just say that!

I’m relatively sure they really did not expect someone to do this but when you search the archives on there was no press release date for September 29, 2016. This program is additionally not pointed out on the site.

Strange eh?

#9 – Agora Financial

Agora, a financial advisory firm that is independent of Banyan Hill Publishing, also owns Banyan Hill Publishing. Many financial newsletters are available on a subscription basis.

There are so many! A few years back, I signed up for another program on the stock market. They bombarded my inbox with emails. You can’t tell which one you should be reading, and they constantly contradict each other.

Below is a screenshot of the emails I received in a 2-day period !…


They send 7-10 emails per day !… overload of information or what? What are you looking for?

Having a look at their web page on Bbb you are hit with the big red warning sign. We then see two points …

  1. The BBB has not accredited them, which is a red flag.
  2. More than 300 complaints have been received with a rating above 1.5 stars…

BONUS #10 – “Testimonials”

It can’t be a video about sales without testimonials. Zach rattles off quite a few… but on nothing useful!

“Patriots”, who receive monthly paychecks starting at $1,710 and ending at $11,365. Some outrageous claims included:

These checks can be collected 24 times in a single year, totalling more than…

$68,184 per year


There are many testimonials in the video, just like the ones above. I won’t add any more.

Here are some testimonials that the video fails to mention…

This isn’t me picking the worst reviews. You can click the links above to view more.

It is quite alarming to read that a 75-year old retiree claimed they did not click the “Pay Now” button, and that money was taken from their account.

My Final Opinion – Is the Cash for Patriots Program a Scam or True?

So is the “Cash for Patriots Program” a scam?

Technically, no.

This will give you information about how to receive checks by mail throughout the year.

The entire sales video and pitch make it seem like you’ll have to complete a tax relief form, then apply for a job!

It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You are only the tip of an iceberg when you sign up for the program.

The next step is to invest in stocks of companies Zach speculates on paying good dividends over the course of the year. These companies will mail you checks by post.


It has nothing to do tax reforms or governments paying you back your money, as the video suggests.

Keep up What is a Dividend!

Well I’m glad you asked because at no point does the wasted hour-long video try to educate people on what they will be doing.

A dividend is a sum of money that a company will pay its shareholders out of its profits. These can be paid quarterly or annually, and are usually paid at a percentage of your investment. 5% Return

This program is only possible if you are aware of the potential risks and rewards associated with investing in the stock exchange.

What should I do?

If you are interested in investing in the stock market, you can get all the information you need for free.

I would highly recommend you check out “The Best Way to Earn Passive Income“. This will allow you to learn more about the stock market, and the best ways to earn passive income.

This article outlines a strategy for how real people retire early and beat the average investor. Grant Sabatier was a great conversationalist who opened my eyes to the possibility of real people doing this. Check out “How to Earn $50,000 in 4 Days and Reach Financial Freedom w/ Grant Sabatier“.

Remember to always keep this in mind

Knowledge is power

It is a great way for passive income to be earned by starting your own online business. You’ll learn more and have complete control over your finances.

You don’t have to know how to code. In fact, find out “How to Build a Website the Easy Way… in Under 30 Seconds“.

Review of the Cash for Patriots Program: The “MakeTimeOnline Final Word”

In this “Cash for Patriots Program” review I hope you can see it’s not a scam.

This will give you a strategy for getting checks to your mailbox. You will need to have at least a few thousand dollars to put into the stock market. Do your research to understand the risks and benefits.

This is exactly what the program will not do:

  • Fill out some tax reclaim forms to learn how you can receive checks.
  • You can send checks to yourself without having to spend time learning the system or strategy.
  • You can send money to someone else without having to invest your own money.

As you consider whether this program is right, you start to wonder if you can make money online without investing thousands of dollars.

2018 was the first year I learned about affiliate marketing.

It seemed like a great model for a business that could grow with the help of the internet once I learned about it.

I tried to figure it myself, but that didn’t work fast.

I was then lured into a series of terrible online scams.

But I eventually found Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build an online business using proven strategies. It also provides all the support and tools needed.

This is what happened

There are no limits to what you can do online once you have mastered the process of getting thousands to visit your site every month (for nothing).

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