The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass launched recently. Like many others, I was eager to see what this advanced poker training course would offer.

Daniel Negreanu’s achievements in poker speak for themselves. He is the most well-known poker player on the planet, with $40 million in winnings from live poker tournaments.
The best thing about this poker education program is that it lets you know you’re learning from the very best. Here is my complete Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review.


What is the best way to start playing poker?

Perhaps you have just learned the rules of Hold’em, played a few games and don’t know where next to go.

Tournaments, cash games, live, online? There are many options, and there is so much to know. But how can you make a decision?

This course by Daniel Negreanu MasterClass is for you if you are in this kind of situation. This course is different than other specialized poker training options because it does not focus on a particular aspect of Hold’em but instead tries to give an overview of all aspects of Hold’em.


The beginning is the most important part of any poker journey. Once you learn the rules of Texas Hold’em and feel ready to start playing for real money, there are a few things you should know.

Negreanu offers a series of video lessons that explain the basic concepts of poker as well as examples from popular TV shows like Shark Cage or The Big Game. This adds value and makes the course even more enjoyable.

Understanding Placement

The first thing that Daniel decides to discuss in terms of poker theory is the importance of the position. He draws a parallel to blackjack to explain how the house has an advantage because the player must decide whether to hit or not.

In his poker MasterClass Negreanu keeps it simple, focusing only on the most important differences when playing in or out of a position.

He outlines some key ideas to help you choose the right hand, but also stresses the importance of being aware of the table and adapting to the other players.

Texture of the board and hand ranges

One of the most important poker skills is to figure out your opponents’ strategies and make correct decisions based upon your findings.

Daniel Negreanu discusses how hand reading has evolved over the years. Instead of focusing on the hand, Negreanu now considers hand ranges. This is the range of hands that a player might be holding.

It is important to place your opponents within the correct range.

You also need to be careful not to become predictable. Daniel Negreanu shares some tips on how to balance your play so that your opponents are unable to give you a precise range of cards.

He also discusses the concept of the range advantage. This is the idea that certain boards favor particular players. This concept is crucial as it will assist you in deciding whether or not to place a bet, and in determining the right sizing for different situations later on in the hand.

It’s now all about ranges. My range vs. Your range. Daniel does an excellent job explaining this important concept.

Game Theory as well as Mathematics

This section’s final video focuses on game theory (GTO Poker) and mathematics. This Daniel Negreanu Masterclass will show you two approaches to the game.

The first is purely math-based and you must make sure that your opponents don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of you. The second is more player-oriented.

But which one is better?

This section explains the basics of folding frequency and pot odds. These are essential bits for those who are new to the game. However, it is also a great idea to repeat some basic concepts even for more experienced players.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review 2021: Learn to Think Like a Pro

MasterClass by Daniel Negreanu has a simple purpose. He wants you to be able to see the game of poker as top pros do.

Poker is a game that requires intelligence, wits and the ability to outthink your opponents. It is much easier to produce consistent top-quality results when you understand the game and think like a pro.

38 lessons make up the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass.

You can find more videos and training materials for poker here. The entire course content was actually just released recently.

This poker course covers a wide range of topics.

What you will learn:

  • How to make the perfect bet size that confuses your opponents
  • How to read a poker hand
  • Poker math and game theory
  • How to spot a lie and trick them.
  • Check-raise, 3-bet or overbet the pot

You will learn the basics of winning at the highest level poker by covering a variety of topics. Each section has a video lesson and course book material.

A video review of the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass was also created by me on my YouTube channel.

You can also watch my review video to get a deeper understanding of the poker course.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review 2021: Tournaments and Cash Games

One thing I found refreshing about Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass was that he doesn’t only focus on one type of poker.

Although Daniel is best known for his success at poker tournaments he also enjoys side games like many other pros.

Many people don’t realize that cash games can often be the best place to find the most action and the largest poker games.

Daniel will teach you how to win poker tournaments like:

  • Strategy for early stage tournaments
  • Strategy for middle stage tournaments
  • Bubble theory
  • Final table strategy

Then he shows you how to beat side games.

This section of the poker class is my favorite. It cuts right to the core of Daniel’s greatest skill, which is the art of correctly placing someone on a hand.

He will show you how to spot tells and how to hide your tells.

These are essential skills, especially if you want to play live poker.

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review 2021: Off the Felt

Daniel’s discussion on his off-the-felt training was a particularly fascinating section for me as a professional poker player.

Many people believe that you have to show up and play a few hands in order for your poker game to be successful.

They don’t realize that Daniel is a world-class pro and his poker game is only the tip of the iceberg.

This MasterClass will teach you how to choose the best poker games and how to manage your money.

Daniel goes even deeper to reveal how he meditates and leads a balanced life away from the poker tables in order to give him an edge when he plays.

This is an important part of poker that many people neglect.

Daniel talks about his most difficult times as a pro poker player, how he overcame them, and the best advice he received in poker.

This is what novice poker players and beginners need to know. It is also something that is rarely covered in other poker training programs.

Office Hours, On-Demand Videos and Course Workbook

The MasterClass’s “office hours” section may also prove to be beneficial for many.

This basically means that you can upload a clip of your hand or questions to poker and Daniel Negreanu or other members of class will provide feedback and guidance.

Even if you get a response from KidPoker once in a blue Moon, this type of direct access to a poker course this large and of such quality is quite rare.

Another great feature is theDaniel Negreanu MasterClassThe best part is that you can access the content whenever you want.

You can carry it on your smartphone, tablet, or smart phone anywhere you go.

You can also download the MasterClass app for iOS to access course content.

You will also find a lesson plan and a class workbook that can be downloaded to help you study the material at your own pace.

This is a great thing, because it means that I wouldn’t recommend watching all 38 videos at once and reading the entire course book.

I think it is better to go through each section of Daniel Negreanu MasterClass one at a time, understand what he is saying, then immediately apply that information in your poker games.

It is best to take this poker course over several weeks or months if you want to fully grasp and apply the high-level concepts Daniel is teaching.


Last Thoughts

The Daniel Negreanu MasterClass, a new course in poker from one of the most successful players in poker history, is called the Daniel Negreanu MastersClass.

This book covers many topics, including bet sizing and bluffing as well as hand reading, spotting tells, and poker math in tournaments and cash games.

This course is delivered through dozens of videos, as well as a massive 122-page coursebook that guides you through the entire content.

You can also find support in the community as you work through the material. There are even office hours where you could ask questions to KidPoker himself.

All that being said, can this poker course make you a top-ranked high stakes poker player overnight? It is unlikely.

It takes years of poker experience and dedication to improving your knowledge of the game.

This course is not the right one for you if you’re looking for hardcore poker math, HUD analysis, or cutting-edge GTO poker theory.

But, for someone who takes poker seriously and is willing to work hard to learn and implement the Daniel’s teachings here, there is no doubt that this will improve their game and ultimately, their poker results.

Because, at the end of it all, results are what really matter in this game. Daniel is the most successful poker player of all time!

Daniel’s MasterClass is for serious poker players who are interested in playing online, live, and cash games.

Even for players with low stakes, it is extremely affordable. The entire Daniel Negreanu MasterClass costs only $90

This is the cost of most small stakes poker game buy-ins. You also get many video lessons from one the best poker players ever.

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