This writing will allow you to see the complete review. Eleprenuer in conjunction with its MLM Compensation Plan Review. Are you a Eleprenuer? You are interested in joining Elepreneurs, or if it is possible to become one. Are you looking for a legit MLM company You will learn more about the MLM companies in this article. complete details about Elepreneur MLM company.


Elepreneur MLM Compensation Plan Review

Name of the organization Elepreneurs
Year of foundation 2017
CEO: Rob Oblon
Type of industry: Multi-level marketing company or network marketing
Country Texas
Joining price: $49 per year with the price for product and auto shipping
Company Rating: 30 out of 100

What are Eleprenuers?

Elepreneur Rob Oblon founded this MLM company in 2017. Here is the company Website does not describe any product that must be sold. The Distributors will sell the products of MLM companies like Elevacity (The business of Elepreneur seems to be in despair, and with this They also revived their MLM opportunities with a product

The The success rate for Elepreneur MLM Company seems very low. Not as satisfying as other MLM companies.

What is Elevacity?

This Elepreneur’s founder also founded an MLM company. The MLM business operations saved the business from bankruptcy when it was in trouble. Eleprenuers was founded. Elepreneurs was sold by its distributors. Elevacity products

Elepreneurs offers products

As As we have already mentioned, Elepreneurs sell Elevacity products. These include healthcare products that contain energy patches, sleep patches, and other related products. Hangover cure.

How can Elepreneurs make money?

To Make money with Elepreneurs in the same way as we make money via Multi-level marketing business. Elepreneurs members can sign up To sell the products and to earn the commissions, bonus according to their MLM Plan. Sponsoring downlines in the MLM can earn you rewards Business

Is Elepreneurs A Pyramid Scheme?

Some are always Critics claim that MLM businesses are a pyramid scheme, which is not true. true always. Some MLM companies adhere to the standards and have been found to be It is possible to some degree. Elepreneurs are included in this MLM category. companies. MLM companies that are solely focused on recruiting will not be successful. If they have any products to sell in their MLM business, it is considered to be Illegal, while Elepreneurs have their product for MLM businesses. It is clear that they are not illegal pyramid schemes.

Very low success rate for Elepreneurs

The This MLM business has a very low success rate. People lose money Elepreneurs are not about making money. The top management Earn commissions from their downline sales in the MLM Network. It is difficult for those at the bottom. Level to earn the commission

Distributors earn money when they are successful. It is over $200 per month. This would make a great source of income. Making money if distributors make $1000 per month, but that is not the case. It is almost impossible to start a MLM company.

The Joining Cost In Elepreneurs

The Joining Eleprenuers is $49 an year Distributors are not required. They need to sell their product or let customers try it. Sample pack of the products These are the Enrollment Packs.

These are the three options available from Elepreneurs:

  • Happy- $249
  • Happier -$499
  • Happiest -$999

There are The auto is an additional joining price that the distributor must pay. shipment Distributors must purchase goods of value. To proceed with the sale, you will need to pay $40 per month. It will be bundle up in overtime With $400 worth of products, where the sale won’t happen in the initial Stage.

Auto Shipment is a fraud scheme in MLM. Where the revenue comes from the distributor’s purchase and not from the sale of the product. The customer purchases. It can be analysed based on the revenue generated. Whether Elepreneurs is a pyramid scheme.

Eleprenuer MLM Compensation Plan

Elepreneurs isn’t a unique case – it is not like other MLM companies and has a complex compensation plan.

These are the most important components of the compensation plan.

#1. Elepreneurs Affiliate Ranks:

There are There are 12 affiliate ranks within Elepreneurs. Distributors will be able. You will be promoted based on how many recruits you have and how high your rank. MLM Structure: Downline sales

Distributors can earn if they are successful They will then be able achieve 2500 GV (Group Volume) per month. The bronze rank. As distributors rise, this number will grow. in rank and this will increase to 2,000,000. It is extremely difficult Distributors must get to the top two ranks in Elepreneurs.

#2. #2.

Infinity bonus is a Commissions are rewarded for recruiting and follow the uni-level. Structure to pay the infinity bonus. Distributors get a 20% bonus. Match on each affiliate’s sale They recruit. If they recruit two more, the match will be called off. The recruit’s recruit is awarded 20%. It can go up to infinite There are levels to the MLM structure.

#3. Retail Sales:

The Distributors can earn commissions for generating sales Volume by selling directly to customers, but this compensation plan It is primarily focused on recruiting.

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Products Categories Of Elepreneurs

Elevacity doesn’t sell their products, so they don’t make any.

These are the product categories:

#1. #1.

It This is a combination of their nutritional item XanothoMax with their drink products like Coffee, Chocolate shake mix, etc. This product is priced at approximately $18 Combination is more than $100

#2 #2.

This You can also purchase the beverages from DOSE as a product category Filtering out supplements. Choclevate is included in this category. Elevate Smart Coffee and Elevate NITRO. It is $65, while it costs $55 for the other two.

#3 #3.

There are two types of supplements available:

  • Elevate Pure 2.0 – Used to eliminate toxins
  • Xantho max-It is an antioxidant

#4 #4.

We have seen that there are three types of patches. They are:

  • Sleep Patch
  • Energy Patch
  • Hangover Patch

#5. #5. Skin Care

These are the three types of skin products:

  • Elier Moor Mud Mask
  • Eye gel that lasts forever
  • Elier Facial Serum

Let’s review the negative aspects of Elepeneurs

Here are some negative points to be noted

  • Very low success rate
  • Auto shipment fraud: Monthly
  • The joining price is quite high
  • You will be more focused on recruiting and cause trouble for your family and friends.

Is Elepeneurs A Scam?

We It cannot be described as an illegal pyramid scheme or scam. They have products that can be used to promote MLM. It also allows them to make money. It is illegal because it follows the auto, but it is illegal. To generate sales, shipment

They are focusing more on It seems that recruitment is more important than retail sales and it looks like a part. It is an illegal scheme. We cannot affirm that it is a fraud.

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Hope You will find all the details in this article. Review of the Elepreneurs MLM Compensation Plan. It will also help you to understand It is legitimate or a scam?

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