Epic Seven is a mobile game that is all about the adventures of an Epic Knight who must fight against the Lord of Chaos. You can create your own character and train them to be as strong as possible. You can customize each aspect of your character, from their skillset to their name and appearance. First, you want to make sure you’ve built a good foundation for your character. They should have some skills or equipment that will benefit them in battle. Next, you want to focus on what they specialize in. Do they wield heavy swords? Have they mastered the art of spellcasting? Work on leveling up those skills so that when it comes time to attack, they’ll hit hard and do decent damage. Lastly, make

It can be confusing for a new player to understand how stats such as effectiveness and effect resist work. The developers took over a year to explain how this mechanic worked!

Through effect resist, effectiveness increases the chance of inflicting a debuff upon an enemy. This does not increase the chance of causing a debuff on an enemy.

Effectiveness and Resistance to Effect

This is the formula:

[Chance of inflicting a debuff] = [debuff effects chance] * (1 + [attacker’s effectiveness] -[target’s effect resist]).Important Note: The chance of inflicting debuff cannot exceed 85%

Let’s suppose your hero has a skill that has a 75% chance of decreasing defense. This is called “effect chance”. The first thing you should do after using the skill against an enemy is to verify that the debuff actually hits. If it does land, it will determine effectiveness versus resistance.

These are three examples of the same skill.

If your hero’s effectiveness drops to 30%, and the enemy has a 70% effect resist, your debuff will be able to resist 40% of the enemy’s attacks.

Your hero’s effectiveness will be 80% and your enemy’s effect resist is 60%. The skill will have an additional 20% chance of inflicting a debuff. That’s a total 95%.However, chances of getting a debuff are limited to 85%It’s now lowered to a 85% chance of inflicting a debuff.

Your debuff will be able to land 85% if your enemy has an effect resist greater than 50%. If your hero’s effectiveness falls below 50%, the enemy will cancel each other out.

Keep in mind the lower limit of 15%. No matter how effective you are, your enemy will still have a 15% chance of resisting a debuff. Bosses tend to have decent amounts of Effect Resist. Enhance your gear accordingly. This is a good choice considering that it would be too powerful otherwise. You could build pure effectiveness to perma debuff enemies and breeze through the story. Imagine your heroes being stunned throughout a battle!

What is the difference between combat readiness and speed?

You can mix up speed and combat readiness. Your skills increase combat readiness. However, your gear has a speed stat. Speed determines how fast your combat readiness grows. Combat readiness refers to the time in the timeline.

You’ll see a bar on your left that controls the order of the turns in combat. As a turn draws nearer, it will move down the line. You’ll notice that the target(s), if you use a skill to decrease or increase combat readiness, will either jump up or down in the turn order.

Your hero’s speed (or more speed) will determine how quickly their turn comes. Sometimes, the combat timeline can be misleading because fast heroes may be able to surpass your enemies or allies.

What is team positioning?

Let’s discuss positioning. When I started out, I knew that the way you position your heroes on your team would affect how much aggression they take. But I wasn’t sure. There is a certain rule that the AI follows. Your hero will be the target 40% of the times, and the rest of your team 20%. It is smart to place whoever you choose to lead the attack up front.


Arena’s AI follows a different pattern.An AI attacker in Arena will ignore your position completelyFirst and foremost, target elemental weakness. The AI will pick the target with the lowest elemental weakness if there are more than one target. If the targets share the same % of health, it will randomly choose between them. It will then move on to neutral weakness, and finally resist all following the same rules.

Some exceptions include moves that are neutral, such as Luna’s S3.

Memory Imprint

The team slots that can easily be augmented when you have a hero who has Memory Imprint are displayed. Heroes gain an increase in stats when placed in the appropriate slots. Keep in mind that heroes can gain a boost in stats if placed in the appropriate slots.CANNOTTo gain stat bonuses, place a hero in their memory imprinted slot.

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