A VPN called Fastest VPN has to live up to its name, right? I’m Gabe, a security Baron, and today we’re putting Fastest VPN through its paces, jumping right into the Fastest VPN. Today, we’re going to check out its pros and cons features, put it through some speed and leak tests, look at its subscription models, evaluate its customer support, and check out the mobile application so that you know whether or not Fastest VPN is right for you. If you’d like to see a list of these favorite VPNs, Google Security Baron Best VPNs. If you have a question about today’s review, leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you.


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All right, so, you know, it can be rather verbose. So I’m going to go through a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of the Fastest VPN beginning with the pros, while Fastest VPN is headquartered in the Cayman Islands, so they don’t have to give over your data to anyone. That is if they log in. On top of that, they have a kill switch and you get ten simultaneous connections so you can do almost anything you’d want with as many devices as you need up until ten. On top of that, they’re one of the more affordable VPNs out there so far.


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as the great Brett Michael said, every rose has its thorns. But fortunately, Faster VPN isn’t too thorny. The main cons that we see with them are that you probably won’t be able to get on Netflix, and they do not have a split tunneling feature.

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All right, so now that you know a little bit about Fastest VPN, let’s jump into its features, and let’s begin with data logging. Now, with Fastest VPN, like most other VPN companies, they do keep a little bit of information on you. They do have to know your email address, your billing information, and your login attempts. However, they’re not going to hold on to your history or session data. Once you delete or deactivate your Fastest VPN account, they will delete your email and it will be like you never even existed in time with Fastest VPN.

Now, to continue with that, I do want to point out that they give you an anonymous IP address each time that you log in, but it’s the same anonymous IP address. So that does give people a little bit of something to work on in terms of determining who you are and depending on what level of security you seek out, that’s something to think about. So you may be wondering, does Fastest VPN have a kill switch, and what is a kill switch? Well, it’s a network lock feature, so if you’re downloading something or viewing a website or chatting with someone from a specific place and your VPN goes dead, well, nothing’s getting out because that kill switch has been activated. So you don’t have to worry about any information getting out, which is a huge plus for Faster VPN.


Now you may be wondering, well, what if I want to be on the public network and the private networks at the same time, something referred to as split tunneling? Well, unfortunately, with Fastest VPN you do not have that option. You can either be on the private network or in the public eye, but you cannot go back and forth with Fasttvpn. And finally, if you’re trying to use Netflix as fast as a VPN at the moment, that is not possible. Netflix and the VPN companies are constantly duking it out with one another.

And at the time of us making this review, you could not use Netflix with Fastest VPN. So that’s a lowdown on the Fastest VPN features. But we need to put it to the test or test beginning with the speed test. With a name like Fastest VPN, I have some pretty high expectations when it comes to speed, and I tested it in the middle of the day in Brooklyn on an Optima network with an Asus Vivo book and a MacBook Air. The fastest VPN did not affect the latency of my Mac, which is very impressive, and I was impressed with how little it affected the upload speed of either computer.

Only about 13% on the Mac and a little over 22% on the Windows. Now, Fastest VPN slowed down the download speed by about 45% for each computer, which is pretty middle of the road. However, overall, I was impressed with the Fastest VPN speed, as I couldn’t tell a difference when I was using the Internet with Fastest VPN versus without for the things that I was doing. So now that we’ve gone over the speed test with Fast VPN, let’s look at the DNS leak test. Now, a DNS leak test has to do with the idea that a VPN is your encrypted tunnel and you don’t want any leaks outside of that tunnel or the tunnel itself is moved.

Now, DNS stands for Domain Name Server and you can think about it when you type in like Google.com below that. Of course, there’s an actual IP address, so we want to make sure that that DNS leak doesn’t happen. And fortunately for us, Fast VPN and our DNS leak test came back negative. The final test that we’re running today is the WebRTC test. Now, Web RTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication, and that’s the communication between two IP addresses when you’re talking about transferring files, messaging, or even video chatting.

So this requires those two addresses to know one another. So the question is, is Fastest VPN hiding that information? And fortunately for us, in our WebRTC leak test, they were so far we’ve gone over Fastest VPN’s pros and cons features and even put it through a few tests. But let’s talk about the money and its subscription options. Now, Fastest VPN has a wide range of options when it comes to subscriptions.

You can do your monthly renewal for $10 a month. You can do a year, three years, or even five years. And that five years has one of the most affordable prices we have ever seen for VPN because it breaks down to $0.83 a month, which honestly keeps me flabbergasted. So those are your options when it comes to Fastest VPN and their models. But I also want to point out that you have ten simultaneous connections with Fastest VPN.

Some of the leading VPNs out there only give you three simultaneous connections. And with Fastest VPN, you can do that and switch your servers an unlimited number of times. So you can switch up your servers and have ten simultaneous connections. And honestly, that’s impressive. And we’re overall pretty blown away by what factor VPN is offering.

So let’s be honest. Customer support is not something that VPN companies are known for. But Fastest VPN, could it possibly be a cut above the rest? Well, I must emphatically say yes. The fastest VPN has a ton of things going for it when it comes to customer support.

Let’s begin with the live chat feature, something that you don’t see with a lot of VPN companies where you can speak to a live actual person and not just a robot about the problems you’re having with DDP. On top of that, something that we appreciate is the other people’s reviews. I mean, it has a five-star rating from Trustpilot, which blows everyone else out of the water. And on top of that, every single review of the customer support was positive. It’s just something we do not see in the VPN realm, and we were very much impressed by it.

So the last thing I would discuss regarding the Fastest VPN is the mobile application. Now, Fastest VPN works on Windows, Mac, tons of devices, and operating systems. But I want to focus on the mobile experience. Now, in the iPhone Apple Store, you get a 4.2 out of five-star rating, while with the Android Google Play Store, you get three, two out of five stars. And that’s a pretty significant difference.

So we wanted to dive a bit deeper, and we saw that most Android users complained about just being able to download the app onto their phones in the first place, which seems to be kind of a hurdle for using a VPN. So I feel much safer recommending it for iPhone users than for Android users. All right, we’ve gone over a lot regarding Fastest VPN, but Jesus wants to know? Gabe isn’t right for me. Can I use it?

And the answer is probably most likely. It’s a good VPN for you. Now, let’s start with some of the more positive aspects. I mean, it’s super affordable, you get ten simultaneous connections, and it pretty much lives up to its name with pretty quick download speeds and not too much latency. So really impressive in that regard.


However, if you’re the kind of person who’s using Android or trying to watch a lot of Netflix to your VPN or do something as simple as split tunneling, you might want to look somewhere else but generally speaking we actually really liked fastest VPN and we can definitely recommend so that concludes our review of fastest VPN. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a like and hit that subscribe button as always. This is Gabe with security Baron be secure.

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