Welcome to my Five Minute Profit Sites audit.

A new website claims it can help you make $519 per day using funny methods.

However, I don’t think so. If they do join, I can see how it could cause them harm.

Are Five Minute Profit Sites Scammed or Legit?

This is the inquiry we will certainly answer today.

We will be reviewing the company to find out who it is owned, its products and whether it is legitimate.

Their software, “made for you”, can help you build a website using a 12.3 Million dollar loophole.

Although it seems intriguing, I will expose the scam site as part of my honest commission plan. Continue reading.

Review of Five Minute Profit Sites

Five Minute Profit Sites is a name I can be truthful with.

Software that automatically creates a website for you in five minutes or less can help you make a lot of money. You can also earn up to $500 per day.

Although the website claims it has a $12.3million loophole, I can tell you that this is a scam. You’ll never be able to make that much money in five years, let alone five minutes, with this system.

ClickBank has seen a lot of these websites pop up in recent months. I have also seen other apps like The AZ Code or Viral Cash.

Five Minute Profit Sites: The Truth

Do you want to learn the truth about profit sites in 5 minutes?

The person appearing in the video is fake. He is an actress reading from a screenplay.

The screenplay was either written by the owner or paid to be written. It is basically a tale that sells you on the idea of making money online. Although the video is about software that promises to make you rich, the truth is quite different.

It is unlikely that you will make more than $500 per day by creating a website using automated software.

Also, the $12.3 million loopholes were made up – total BS to enthuse.

Two types of people profit from Five Minute Profit Sites. NONE of these two users are Five Minute Profit Sites USERS.

What is “Five Minute Profit Sites”?

You will need an account to join Five Minute Profit Sites. It costs $37.

Depending on the sales note you see, you may be eligible for a free seven-date testing. After that you will spend $7 per month.

After signing up for the free trial, I was offered several upsells at a significantly higher price than I originally paid.

  1. FMPS Profits Upsell FasterThis deal was $197 and included a $50 discount. You can get it for $147. This website is predicted to be more profitable and faster than the basic website. It also features product reviews and unique sections. There are affiliate connections for more ClickBank products. You will also receive dedicated support and free hosting on a faster server.
  2. FMPS Doubles Your Profits– This offer was $187. It tells you how to create a niche website that is not in the “make money online” niche. This is not in your niche, but only in the niches they offer.
  3. FMPS Traffic Tsunami Upgrade– This offer cost $97 and promised to provide a step-by–step plan to drive targeted traffic to your site. This should have been made available to basic members, as they will need traffic to the websites they are creating.

In the upsell videos, an actress claims to be Sam Smith, the creator of Five Minute Profit Sites.

Although I don’t know who the true inventor of Five Minute Profit Sites is, we get to hear from Chris in the training videos. If he is doing the training, this may be the true creator of the product.

This program teaches the main way to earn commissions:

  • ClickBank affiliates promote it for a commission

It is strange that ClickBank, which is one of the most trusted affiliation networks (they recently launched ClickBank University), seems to have an influence over spam-seeking sites online.

It’s unclear what is going on. However, it’s disappointing because I recall that they were rigid in 2011, probably to prevent many scammers selling products through their network.

ClickBank seems to be going back, allowing the sale sites such as Five Minute Profit Sites

Let’s go back to 2007. Let me take your mind back to 2007.

Although things were quite different, some things remained the exact same as Five Minute Profit Sites scams which were trying to steal peoples’ money.

Unfortunately, I was an absolute beginner online at that time.

I didn’t know much about SEO, building websites, building lists, and affiliate marketing.

These things might seem a bit confusing to you.

I was smitten by scams such as Five Minute Profit Sites and I know that it will not work.

It is impossible to make money with a website that takes only 5 minutes to build.

It would never happen

You need to have a system and a business in order to get online.

Let me do my business online.

Although I am fortunate enough to be able to work online full-time, it has taken me 4 years to do anything meaningful.

It took me eight years to earn more than $50,000 per month.

To earn $500+ per day, it took 7 years of trial-and-error. Five Minute Profit Sites claims that you can earn this amount in 5 minutes.

It will not happen, trust me.

Five Minute Profit Sites claims that their software will build you a website that is profitable in just five minutes.

Although I am certain that PU CAN software can build a website in just five minutes, it won’t be profitable.

Websites that do not receive traffic or make zero sales will be considered dead.

You will be fooled into thinking that this website can actually make you money.

You may have to wait 60 days for your website’s earnings if the Five Minute Profit Sites owner is lucky.

What stage have you reached that you have outlived your consolidation period? And can the owner of the fraud website allow you to keep the money you paid them?

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Five Minute Profit Sites: Is it a Scam or Legitimate?

It’s that simple.

It is impossible to make $500 per day, so don’t be deceived.

The only thing that Five Minute Profit Sites has going for it is that ClickBank handles payment processing, so you can get a refund easily.

Final Review and Thoughts on Five Minute Profit Sites

This blog has reviewed more than 500 systems and Five Minute Profit Websites did not get high marks.

This scam website will never promise $500 per day.

It is a waste of time and money to buy something that has been made to fail.

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