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3 modes and 15 levels of power for customizable comfort and relaxation

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  1. As comfortable as a HOT TOWEL:Neck Massager With a new thermostat. 107 F massages the neck, and deeply soothes neck muscles. It is recommended to use for 15 minutes at a time. Repeat the treatment twice per day. Reduce neck pain all through the day
  2. CERVICAL SPINE MASSAGE EFFECT AWESOME The Neck Massager employs electrical impulses to transmit to the skin's deep layers, and utilizes electrical impulses to simulate a variety of massages in order to induce the deep relaxation of the cervical spine.

Heated NeckMassager

  • 3 modes, 15 levels of intensity to ease NECK PAIN: Hold the switch for 3 seconds until you start 3 massage settings, with 15 intensities and heat function adjustment via the remote control. Very user-friendly. The skin-friendly, breathable silicone material helps to make the carotid artery free of pressure. The neck wraps are U-shaped and closer to the skin and is a good fit for the neck sizes and curves of different individuals.
  • Light and thin to wear comfortable: Say goodbye to the bulky neck massagerthat weighs just 5.6 grams, and is equipped with an enormous capacity battery. It can be used with USB charging for one hour, which is used for 15 minutes every day, that can last for 10 days. The neck massager comes with an auto-off timer of 15 minutes to ensure you get an enjoyable and safe massage.
  • SAFE to use This massager for neck utilizes electrical impulses to treat the neck. Use only when the use of pacemakers , or carrying metallic inside the body is forbidden. Because of the treatment using electrical impulses which you can use you might feel an electric shock that is typical. It is able to relax muscles more than the traditional massage. If your neck is dry Before using, clean the neck using an irritant-free towel to feel it more. We offer a 1-year guarantee. We invite you to contact us if have any concerns.
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