Lock Wiper Guide iphone is locked or disabled. Don’t worry, this video is showing you how to use iMyFone Lock Wiper to unlock screen passcodes of iphones, ipads or ipod touches, no matter what what type of passcode you have, it will be easily removed just in a few minutes. Part One Launch Iphone Lock Wiper step One, Launch iMyFone

Lock Wiper and click Start to begin. Step Two Connect your eye device to computer. Part Two Put a device into DFU Recovery mode. Step One Put a device into DFU mode. Choose your device model to see the instructions for how to put your device into DFU mode.

Let’s take a look at iphone eight, Eight Plus and ten, for example. First, quickly press volume up and volume down button, then press and hold side button until the screen turns black. Then press volume down and side button together and hold for 5 seconds. Then release the side button and keep holding Volume down button for another 5 seconds. When it enters DFU mode, the program will go to the next step.

Step Two Put a device into recovery mode. If your device cannot enter DFU mode, please try Recovery mode by clicking on. Put your device into Recovery mode at the bottom, then choose your device model and follow the instructions.

Let’s see the example of iphone Eight, Eight Plus and ten. Quickly press volume up and volume down button, then press and hold side button. Do not release it until you see the connect to itunes logo.

Part Three Download Firmware Package Step One Download the Firmware package. Check your device model, auto detect by the program, or correct it manually. If it’s wrong, then click Download. If it fails to download, you can click Copy to download it in a browser or if you already downloaded the Firmware package on your computer, click select to add it in. Step Two Verify the Firmware package after the Firmware package is downloaded, click on Start to verify and wait for it to finish. Part Four unlock Screen Passcode step One click on Start unlock. Step Two Double Confirm type to double confirm you are agreeing to unlock your device, then click unlock. Step Three Unlock Complete Just in a few minutes, your device is successfully unlocked. Now reset your passcode and enjoy your device just as a new one.


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