When someone is watching you, it can make it difficult to do your job.

Your employer hired you for a reason. You should be able to do your job without supervision. You are an adult, so you don’t have to be supervised to do your job.

Recently, Monster partnered with employee-review platform kununu to identify the workplace factors that workers rate as most important to their job satisfaction. We used kununu’s star rating system – ranging from -1 (low) through 5 (high), to identify the top industries that offer autonomy, and then we rounded up Monster jobs within those industries.

Our top picks for autonomy are tax consulting and auditing. You don’t want to be micromanaged. Check out the complete list below to see what jobs allow you to work on your own.

1. Auditing and tax consulting

It ranks so high because of:Your boss will trust them to handle your taxes. No matter if you are just starting out, it doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience.Junior accountantYou are the highest up on the totem pole and you work as aCFOIn this industry, you are expected to maintain accuracy in financial records, evaluate the financial operations of businesses, and give insight into tax codes. One kununu reviewer said thatHR Block“Everyone is trusted, encouraged and encouraged to work independently and to ask questions if needed.”


2. 2. Human resources/staffing/recruiting

Why it is so popular:Companies have a great deal of faith in their HR department. HR employees are trusted to make the right hiring decisions for open positions. That trust doesn’t end once a job is filled. HR can also be held accountable for employees’ actions. As oneAdeccoAn employee posted on kununu that “I am allowed the ownership of my projects.” It’s one our core values, and it feels good to me. No micromanagement. I am able to trust people.

Common job titles: Executive recruiter.Consultant in human resources.risk management director

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3. Information technology/network security

It is so highly ranked:Most people do not like the idea of someone hovering over their computer screen. You want confirmation? Ask your IT department about their feelings. Information technology specialists spend their days working with computers. Unless you count Siri, they don’t often get human interaction. This is what makes them most passionate about their work. One employee atConvergys Corporation even wrote on kununu, “The autonomy of this job is one of the most attractive characteristics…there is no one looking over your shoulder and, by and large, you are on your own.”

Common job titles: Cyber security analyst.IT Support Specialist.Analyst in information security

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4. Consulting

Why it is so popular:Consulting experts are trusted by clients for their expertise. Consulting can be any type, whether it’s operations, marketing or management. Consultants don’t need many people to answer their questions because they make the calls and are ultimately responsible for their career success. As one kununu reader atWorld Financial GroupIt can be put this way: You have complete control over your own success. Your team is available to assist you. Learn more how to become an IT consultant.

Common job titles: Management consultant.Consultant in politics.Consulting business

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5. Internet/media

It is so highly ranked:It can be lonely on the Internet, but that isn’t necessarily a problem. You might need to submit your work for approval to an editor or director. However, the majority of your job can be done by yourself. Many in this field are freelancers. You can be a blogger who writes from your personal experience, a graphic designer who creates custom images or a web designer who codes away at your desk. These roles offer freedom and trust in your ability to deliver.

Common job titles: Common job titles:Graphic designer.Blogger.web designer

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6. Arts/culture/entertainment

Why it is so popular:A one-man band is a group of people who are essentially one person. Although some people might prefer working as part of a crew or cast, others may prefer being an artist or entertainer who can move at their own pace. In this industry, freelance work and solo projects are very common. Olan Mills reviewed one kununu and wrote: “Everyone has separate tasks to complete, and we were trusted with our ability to work independently as required.”


7. 7.

Why it is so popular:There are probably not many people you trust to shop for you. Think about the horrendous clothes your parents gave you as a child. And those are yours.Parents. It’s obvious that if you’re hired to buy for a company’s products, they have a lot of faith in you to swipe their company credit card with confidence. According to kununu, a Security National Group employee said that the best thing about the job was the freedom to work on your own. You don’t have to be watched over by anyone. If you prove you are capable of the task, you are on your own.

8. Research and development/sciences

It is so highly ranked:Scientists spend a lot more time working alone, regardless of whether they are in the field or in the lab. Although there are many opportunities to work with scientists, the majority of scientists will still be the only one wearing a lab jacket. There are many.Studies in science Have found value in alone-time–even Isaac Newton believed silence could precondition a breakthrough.


9. Market research

Why it is so popular:This job involves monitoring market trends and gathering and analysing data. It also examines the possibility of selling a product. As companies spend large amounts of money on campaigns, there is a lot to trust in this job. QuoteWizard.com user kununu wrote, “I was trusted with my decisions, even though I wasn’t certain I should have the authority to.”


10. Education

Why it is so popular:Pop quiz: Who is the real school administrator? We’ll tell you: it’s not the cheerleading team or the head of the football team. It’s the teachers. Teachers are the teacher in charge of their class. This is because they can create lesson plans, lecture and grade papers, but maybe not show.You can alsoYou can watch many movies in class. Other than the scheduled check-in, there is no other obligation.School principalNo one is actually watching you, instead, there are dozens of eyes looking up at you. You don’t have to do it all the time, just you and your students. It’s a great opportunity to improve your teaching style and inspire young minds. Johns Hopkins University’s kununu reviewer stated, “I can trust myself to work independently and make necessary changes for myself and my team.”

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