MoneyGram is an easy and versatile way to send money overseas and while these factors are important it’s also good to know that they can be expensive there are other options that are cheaper and will still help you keep your money safe.

when it comes to making your international transfer keep four factors in mind, you want to consider the security of your money the rate you’re receiving the fees. you’ll be charged and the speed at which your money will be transferred let’s look at the total cost of transferring $10,000 to the United States and compare MoneyGram against three other options the money transfer specialists will compare ofx world first and XE in terms of security all of these.

Section 1: How to send money online

  1. After you send the money you receive a Confirmation Email. A Confirmation Email states that you have successfully sent the money and confirm that the money was received by your financial institution. To view this confirmation email click the link to view a copy of the confirmation email
  2. You will need to contact your financial institution by calling them or using their web chat and confirm that you have received the money by providing the PIN number that was sent with the money transfer. To view this PIN number click the link to view a copy of the PIN number
  3. If the customer service is unavailable you can call customer service or visit their website.


Who can send money?

Whether you are sending money to another person or a business, moneygram is a good option. You will need a well known account such as a credit card or business account to send money through. When using this service you will also be protected against fraud.  Using a credit card isn’t just good because you can rest assured that money is protected against fraud. You also get multiple options to make transactions with such as an online transfer, or the option to send a money gram with just a phone call. A phone call is good in that it saves you sending a lot of unnecessary money, however, if you want to make some payments without transferring it, you’ll have to transfer the money.  Using a business account is the best option if you are transferring money overseas for the first time.

What are the fees?

While it’s easy to transfer money into a person’s account, it’s just as easy to transfer money back to you once that money is gone.  The fee for sending money is simple and is set by the sending company. However, for transferring money from your account to someone else’s there can be a number of fees. This can be in the region of 3%, 5%, and 10% of the transferred amount depending on the companies you use.  What are some of the best money transfer companies?  Before you choose a money transfer company, look into the things that you are looking for in a provider. This will allow you to choose a company that will be able to meet all of your needs.  Let’s take a look at some of the best money transfer companies in the world.

companies are excellent they are all licensed with an Australian Financial Services license and are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission just like your bank so that’s a thumbs up all around while MoneyGram has the potential to be slightly faster than the other providers they are also more expensive in this example all providers are more than $100 cheaper than using MoneyGram and would only take a day longer at most to transfer your money MoneyGram is the most expensive in this example but it depends on the context of your transfer MoneyGram offer a fast and convenient way to send money overseas and give you the option of both cash pickup or online transfer it’s just important to remember that there are other affordable options that are also fast and safe setting up an account with a money transfer specialists like the ones we’ve compared takes a little bit more work but if


you’re transferring regularly or making large payments the costs can definitely add up your situation is unique so you should make your decision on who you use based on how you want the money sent the currency you’re sending how much you’re sending how often you’re going to be doing it and how quickly you need the money sent overseas if this was helpful please like this video and subscribe to our Channel and we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about making international money transfers exchanging currency or anything just leave them in the comments below.

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