Becoming a supervisor is something that many people aspire to. However, this means being able to give up some of the freedoms and responsibilities that come with being an individual contributor. It also means that you’ll have to learn how to delegate responsibilities. Although it may not seem like a plus at first, there are definite benefits to being a supervisor, such as increased income, more time off, and the opportunity for advancement within your company. Here are some reasons why becoming a supervisor is often worth it in the end.

The Qualities of a Good Supervisor

Although there is no magic formula to being a great supervisor, these tips may help you to be more effective in your role.

Great responsibility is a result of the power and authority that the supervisor has. This article will discuss the aspects that make a supervisor a great supervisor.

This question is also possible in interviews for supervisor positions.

Ten Tips to Be a Great Supervisor: What are the top 10 tips for being a great supervisor?

These are the 10 essential qualities you need:

  1. Great communication skillsTo avoid confusion and frustrations, a supervisor must communicate clearly and accurately. If a subordinate is given information, she must ensure that it is correct. It is okay to ask again if necessary.
  2. Be flexible to change:The world is constantly changing. It is important that efficient supervisors keep up with the changes. Don’t blindly adhere to the old rules and norms. If necessary, think outside the box. Be flexible to meet the company’s needs.
  3. Employees are valuedSupervisors’ greatest asset is their people. They run the business and do the work. They are valued and treated with respect by a good supervisor.
  4. A coacher/mentor:Your experience is valuable. Good supervisors share their knowledge, experience and wisdom with employees. She encourages them to perform better. This strengthens their bond and trust.
  5. DisciplinedA supervisor can expect her employees to follow her example if she is strict. Example: The boss – Be punctual, adhere to the time-lines and set a behavior code, if needed.
  6. Feedback/incentives: The deserving should receive promotions, feedback, raises, and other accolades.
  7. Set an exampleDon’t be afraid to get involved. Sometimes, the boss should also take on projects. You might find it more interesting or less challenging for her to take on a project and make it a success. This is a great example for the rest of the team to accept challenges and show them how important any work is.
  8. Always be approachableSupervisors should be approached by employees with any concerns or problems. A good supervisor will ensure that there is enough trust between her and her employees to allow them to bring up their problems.
  9. Take carePeople are more than employees. They have friends, families, and a personal life that is not dominated by work. You should not force them to work past their normal hours unless there is an urgent matter. Allow them to enjoy their vacations and weekends. When setting time limits, be practical. This will improve efficiency and productivity.
  10. Positive attitudeBe polite. Be polite and wish employees a good day. Ask about the families of your employees.
  11. Criticize constructivelyA good supervisor will try to understand the causes of mistakes when they happen. She will criticize or evaluate the employee according to the error. It is better not to shout or scold at others. You can give constructive feedback and show them how to do things.

Supervisors should not take their power for granted. They must continue to work on the qualities that will make them a great leader.

Supervisors should not take their power for granted. They must continue to work on the qualities that will make them a great leader.


Personality is the main reason someone becomes a supervisor. Motivation. C. Confidence. D. Work-related Knowledge


What is the primary reason someone becomes a supervisor? While all the options may be part of the reason, I believe that knowledge is the most important.

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