It can be hard to start a YouTube channel and grow it.

This list contains 25 useful vlogging tips that will help you be a successful blogger.

General Vlogging Tips

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1. 1.Set a goal

You must set a goal to make vlogging a success. If you don’t know what you want from your vlogs, you won’t know how to get there.

What do you want to accomplish through your vlogs, and how can you achieve it? Are you trying to overcome camera shyness? Or do you want video editing skills that will allow you to reach 10.000 subscribers to earn sponsorships?

To be able to adjust as necessary, set some short-term and long-term goals.


2. Find Your Passion

People create vlogs based only on the views they expect to get. This is a huge mistake which will prevent you from ever becoming a popular vlogger! While you may seem enthusiastic at first, your viewers will quickly see that you don’t like what you’re doing. You will find it harder to get motivated to vlog when you have to discuss things that you don’t enjoy.

Create your vlogs around your passion. It could be fashion, fitness, gaming, or another hobby.

3. Select A Niche

Find a niche to create vlogs about that interests you and has enough subscribers and viewers.

You should have a passion for the same topic as your niche so you enjoy making videos about it.

4. Understand Your Audience

It is crucial to get to know your viewers and their preferences. Are they young, do they have a passion, and are they male, or female?

A good understanding of your audience will help you tailor your videos to them.

5. Consistency

To be a popular vlogger, you must maintain consistency. Nearly every popular YouTuber with many subscribers has been online for at most a few years. Some of them have been on YouTube for more than 10 years. Even after all that time, they continue to upload high-quality videos.

So your viewers know what you expect, be consistent in uploading when and how often you upload. If you stop uploading every month, you will not attract many subscribers.

6. 6.Add a regular theme or segment to your Vlogs

Most vloggers have one recurring thing in their vlogs. This is something that they are famous for, or that their viewers love. It could be a unique way you start or end your vlog. However, it could also be something you do frequently.

Your vlogs could also include a regular “thing” that you do often or which your audience requests. Casey Neistat (popular vlogger) regularly purchased $1 pizzas and this became a regular segment.He also opened mail from viewers one to two times per week.

Another popular vlogger, Jon Olsson, answers one of his viewers’ comments every single vlog.

7. What Can You Remove?

Many vloggers think only about what they could add to their videos, but they don’t think about what can be cut. Ask your viewers to comment and check your analytics. This will help you determine if there’s a particular part of your vlogs that is popular with viewers.

It may be difficult to delete certain parts of your videos, especially if you have had them for a while. However, it will improve the quality of your vlogs.

8. Follow Trends, Participate

Stay current with the latest trends by participating in them as much as you can. Videos around a popular trend are much more likely to go viral than a regular vlog so this might help to grow your YouTube channel.

Trends can also include realities like holidays.

9. Concentrate on Quality, Not Quantity

Your vlogs should focus on quality. Vloggers often try to adhere to a daily vlogging routine even though they don’t have enough footage to create an entertaining vlog every day. You should always strive to create high-quality videos your viewers will enjoy, even if it means uploading only 1-2 videos per week.

10. Upgrade Your Hardware

Don’t be afraid of investing in yourself and your YouTube channel. Get a new camera for your vlog, a microphone, or a new editing software.

Your vlogs should be improved in quality.

11. Share a Story

Humans like stories. The most successful bloggers understand this and make sure their vlogs are more than just clips. You should try to show your viewers your daily life through your vlog.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you should film every meal or every minute. But if you are filming in different locations, it is important to show just a small part of the journey. Most vloggers will record clips in two locations. After that, they edit the clips. Casey Neistat is a great vlogger. She films the steps of getting out the door, getting in and leaving the car, as well as arriving at the destination. This will give your viewers the feeling that they are part of your day.

12. Keep Uploading

No matter what, keep uploading. This is essential because most beginning vloggers stop uploading if their channel grows too slowly.

Keep going. You never know what your big break could bring.


Tips for recording your Vlog

These are our top tips for recording your vlogs.

13. 13.

The human attention span shrinks each year.Research has shown that the average attention span for 2015 was 8.25 seconds, a decrease of 12 seconds in 2000.This is less than a goldfish’s attention span.

Your viewers should watch at least 15 seconds of your vlogs if they want to keep watching. This can be done by making viewers curious about what’s going to happen in your video. In the first 15 seconds of the video, tell something or give a glimpse at what’s going to happen.

14. Stand out and be unique

There are many vloggers already out there, and new ones are starting every day. You need to find a way that you can stand out from the rest. You can differentiate yourself from other Vloggers by your editing style, your content or who you are as an individual.

15. Take control of your life

Being yourself in vlogging is important. Do not try to imitate someone else or do things that you don’t like because it might get you more views and sponsorships.

Your videos should reflect you.

16. Talk to the Camera Like You Talk To Your Friends

You can make your vlogs more personal and better connect with your viewers by pretending you’re talking to friends, not a camera. This allows you to talk more naturally and spontaneously, which is more fun for your viewers.

17. Use the Right Tone and Words

Talk in a friendly, enthusiastic way. It’s important to show enthusiasm and that you are eager to share your thoughts and experiences. Avoid jargon if you are vlogging about a topic you are very knowledgeable about. Your viewers may not be as well-versed in the subject. They will move on to the next video if they don’t get what you are saying.

Don’t be afraid of using humor in your videos. Vlogs are for entertainment purposes so make them fun to watch.

18. Instead of looking at the screen, look at the lens

A flip screen camera can make it easier to vlog. You can see your face and know if you’re in the frame. Although a flip screen camera is great, it can be easy to get your attention on the lens and not the screen. If you focus on the lens, it will appear that you are not speaking to your viewers.

Your YouTube channel’s success depends on how well you promote it. Your YouTube channel won’t suddenly gain a million subscribers after your first video. You need to make sure you promote it to grow. These are our top tips for promoting vlogs.

19. Commenting on Vlogs and Blogs

Participating in the discussions in your niche through comments on blogs or vlogs is a great way to promote your channel. Participating in the discussion does not mean you should spam or self-promotion.

You can leave insightful comments, constructive feedback, or your opinion. If others in your niche see you regularly commenting on and participating in discussions, they will be more inclined to check you out.

It is also a great way for you to establish a relationship with other bloggers, vloggers and influencers in your niche.

20. 20.

Social media is a powerful tool to promote your YouTube channel and vlogs. You can share your content on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social media site you use.

Posts can be made on sites like Medium, Quora and Tumblr.

21. 21.

You can collaborate with other YouTubers once you have built an audience to promote each other to your viewers. It’s best to collaborate with YouTubers who have a similar audience size and type.

Because it is not mutually beneficial, a vlogger who has 200.000 subscribers won’t want to collaborate with another vlogger. Find a channel that has a similar number of subscribers.

22. Keep Hustling

You may not see any results in your niche or on YouTube for a while. Although it can be demoralizing to put so much effort into creating vlogs and promoting them, you should not give up.

The hardest part of your journey? Getting started. Your channel will rank higher on YouTube once it’s bigger. You’ll also grow quicker with less effort. Keep working hard for your initial growth.

23. 23.

Your brand is simply who you are, what you want to become, and what people think you should be.

This extends beyond your channel name. Every action you take is part of your brand.

Your videos:How to look and how to edit them.

You can:How you talk, what you do, and how you look.

Your channel:Information, titles, and thumbnails.

These areas are the key to building a brand.

24 24.

To improve your brand and get better rankings in YouTube, make sure that you have completed your YouTube channel.

Create a channel trailer by adding your social media accounts. This will make your channel look more professional and allow you to grow faster.

25 25.

You only have two options to persuade YouTube users to click on your video once it goes live. The thumbnail and the title.

These two things can be tricky but worth the effort. You should make your viewers interested in the video and encourage them to view it. YouTube can ban you for misleading video titles. You could also be banned for abusing the custom thumbnails system. Your thumbnail privileges might be revoked if you violate YouTube’s guidelines.

Your title should be short and concise.Input keywords you want the video to rank for.

26. 26.

There’s always room to improve. There are two ways to improve your vlogs.

Listen to what your viewers have to say about you. Listen to their feedback and find out what they think about your vlogs. Ask your viewers what they would like to see in the vlogs. Your viewers will appreciate the fact that you value their opinions.

You can also check your YouTube analytics reports. Creator Studio can provide valuable information, including the drop-off point. Drop off point is the point at which viewers stop watching your videos. Try improving your intro if they stop watching after just 15 seconds. Stop including footage related to a topic in your vlogs if they stop watching after 15 seconds.

Go into your account > Creator > Analytics > Audience retention to find the drop-off point for your videos. This information can only be useful if your audience is large enough. This data may be biased if you have only 50 viewers.

27. You might also try other mediums

You don’t have to vlog as your primary medium. You can also blog, live stream or build a following on social media networks such as Instagram. This is a great way to reach new people and promote your vlogs when that audience grows.

28. 28.

YouTube’s Fan Finder program is not well known by many vloggers. YouTubers can upload a Fan Finder ad to their channel and YouTube will promote it. It’s that simple!

To learn more about Fan Finder you can go to

29. Call-To-Action

Always ask your viewers to comment, like, share and subscribe at the end of your videos. If you don’t remind viewers to do this, a lot of viewers won’t remember.

YouTube will notice that your video is popular if it receives a lot of comments, likes and subscribers. This can make your search ranking and suggested videos more favorable.

30. 30.

YouTube’s contentID program checks for copyrighted music and takes appropriate action if it finds any. This could mean that you cannot monetize your video. The audio will be turned off, but they can ban your account after three strikes.

You should use only royalty-free music in your videos to prevent this. You don’t know where you can find it? Check out our article on how to find music for your vlogs.

31. 31.

Our final tip is to keep testing. You can always try new things, whether you are looking for long or short videos or different topics.

Do not be afraid to experiment with new things. If necessary, evaluate and make adjustments. You can analyze the success of these changes by using feedback from the comments or YouTube analytics.

These tips and tricks should have been helpful to you.

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